Elana's Story

Elana Jovero is a jeweler, a mother, a metalsmith, a carver, and an artist at heart.  From her fine line tattoo drawings to sculptural carvings, Elana grew up, in the Outer Richmond District in San Francisco, always making art and studying her surroundings.  She graduated with a BFA in Crafts: Jewelry/Metalsmithing in 2012 from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, studying under Sharon Church and Rod McCormick.  After college, she worked with Betsy Barron and Amy Nordstrom while expanding her jewelry knowledge to watch repair.  Finally, she studied under and worked for Melissa Joy Manning, going on to manage all wholesale production and custom orders for the stores.  Now she is starting the next step in her journey and starting her own fine jewelry line, Elana Jovero Jewelry.

100% Handmade.     Every time.

All the jewelry you see here is 100% handmade in her studio, using only sustainably resourced materials, conflict free stones, and recycled metal.  As a green company, Elana Jovero Jewelry is dedicated to environmentally conscious practices.

Her unique style comes from her unique interests--from tattoo art to the ballet, from street art to paintings from the old masters.  The duality of her personality shows itself in her jewelry, being both soft and hard, modern and classic, dainty and powerful.


Natural Beauty

Elana believes that jewelry is a commemorative object of a person, moment, or feeling the wearer will hold onto forever. She seeks to preserve the natural and transient beauty of our world with her jewelry, as the most beautiful parts of life are the most fleeting.  Creating these precious symbols and becoming a part of the vessel for these memories through custom designs as well as her permanent line is a gratifying and humbling experience--one which allows her to connect to her wearers.