The Rainforest Collection

Naturally drawn to the exotic beauty and vibrant colors of the rainforest, my inspiration seeks not only to capture its strength and beauty, but to raise awareness of the threat to these dense, verdant forests.   

We owe so much of what we have to the earth's rainforests, though they only cover a small, 2% portion of the earth. 50% of all plants and animals on this earth live in temperate or tropical rainforests.  Though small in size, these rainforests help regulate the entire earth's temperature and weather patterns, and can play a crucial role in our battle with climate change.  

On top of that, 80% of the natural foods we eat originated in the rainforest, including rice, tomatoes, potatoes, coffee and chocolate. All of these foods, which are a base of every meal for many cultures including our own, have allowed us to expand our agriculture and expand our abilities to live in new places we couldn't before.

RF Fruit.jpg

The plants that we couldn't eat, we turned into medicine to help us live longer, better lives.  70% or more of the plants used today to treat cancer come directly from the rainforest, and even move amazingly, we have only analyzed 1% of these plants for medicinal value.

Compound these statistics with the efforts that have been underway to deforest and destabilize the world's rainforests and we can paint a very bleak picture.  These rainforests have given us food and medicine, which were part of the building blocks we needed to create the life which we have today.  They give us life, and air to breathe, and yet we are deforesting and destablizing them.

By drawing inspiration from the rainforests of the world, and showcasing them in art, whether it be photography, literature, painting or jewelry, awareness can be raised and economics influenced to protect this crucial resource.

My rainforest collection came about through the materials I use to create my jewelry, and a deep love for nature.  From the natural jaspers that paint a landscape, to the dendritic agates that form a tree, and the deep green and pink tourmalines that reflect the beauty and colors of the rainforest, my collection aims to evoke the strength and beauty of the rainforest.


5% of all 2017 proceeds of this collection will go to The Nature Conservancy to help protect the Amazon Rainforest.

If you would like to read more about The Nature Conservancy's mission, or to make a personal donation, click here to be directed to their website.