"Aria" Ring - Pink Tourmaline

"Aria" Ring - Pink Tourmaline


"Aria" Ring - Pink Tourmaline

  • One of a Kind
  • Set in 14k yellow gold
  • SStone sits upside down in our signature flat top crescent band, this modern setting is called the Aria setting.
  • Stone is approx. 1.2ct
  • Choose size at Checkout

Tourmaline is one of my favorite stones to work with--from it's many colors to it's uses throughout history, it is a truly unique stone.  Tourmalines are said to aid in the understanding of oneself and others, and is thought to promote inspiration, compassion, and prosperity.

This ring is both modern and classic, referencing classic engagement styles while using a nontraditional engagement stone.  This tourmaline is set upside down and sits atop a flat top crescent band.

With this ring, forever starts here.


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