"Planetary" Talisman Half-Pair Stud Earrings

"Planetary" Talisman Half-Pair Stud Earrings


"Planetary" Talisman Half-Pair Stud Earrings

Talisman jewelry brings its wearer strength and protection in the realm of its individual virtues and characterizes.  Each piece in this collection signifies a different aspect of oneself, to strengthen the wearers bonds and to represent their favorite traits from within.

  • Mis-match your pairs for a fun look and to obtain two virtues for the wearer
  • Choose your favorite planet at checkout
  • Perfect as a gift for the holidays.
  • Shown with some pairing ideas

Mercury - Expressive, thoughtful, and quick-witted

Venus - Sensual, kind-hearted, love

Earth - Practical, dependable, helpful

Mars - Daring, optimistic, driven

Jupiter - Open-minded, luck, wisdom

Saturn - Determined, practical, time

Uranus - Originality, individuality, curosity

Neptune - Inspiration, illusions, generosity

Pluto - Renewal, mysterious, exotic 


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